Young residents of Warsaw’s Bielany district submitted a project to the participatory budget, which included the installation of reflective spotlights in front of pedestrian crossings at local schools and kindergartens.

Students from Bielany High School noticed that there is a lack of traffic lights before some pedestrian crossings. They wanted to increase road safety around schools and kindergartens. They decided that the best and not too expensive idea would be to install solar-powered lights, visible after dark and at night. These simple devices warn drivers and draw attention to the presence of pedestrians on the road. They increase visibility over a distance of 500 meters.

Actions taken by young people:

  • They chose 16 specific pedestrian crossings in the Ruda, Marymont and Las Bielański housing estates, where there were no traffic lights
  • They checked which types of traffic lights are available, how much they cost, what are their advantages and disadvantages;
  • They determined what is the cost of purchasing and installing these devices;
  • They consulted the officials of the Infrastructure Department for the Bielany district;
  • They filled in the application form for the participatory budget; – they collected the appropriate number of signatures of the inhabitants;
  • During meetings with the inhabitants they talked about their idea, prepared a presentation;
  • During school and district events they promoted their project in order to get as many votes as possible from the inhabitants in the project elections for the civic budget


As part of the project, „Lights on pedestrian crossings” the Infrastructure Department for the Bielany district of the capital city of Warsaw has supplied a total of 16 pedestrian crossings on hives: Klaudyny, Kiwerska, Podleśna, Gdańska and Lektykarska.

The project has improved the safety of children, youth and their carers in the Bielany district.

Total cost: 30 000 PLN. The price includes the cost of the lights as well as the cost of installation

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