Within the framework of two projects More Convenient and Safer, carried out within the framework of Warsaw’s citizens’; budget for 2018, two sections of bicycle paths were renovated in the Stare Bielany and Słodowiec housing estates of the capital city of Warsaw. The author of both projects was a student of Public Junior High School No. 73 named after  Jerzy H. Wagner in Warsaw.

The idea of the renovation of bicycle paths was born out of the need to increase the safety of cyclists and other road users in the Bielany district. The author of the projects also wanted to promote a sporty and healthy lifestyle in the local environment. Initially, the plan primarily included the construction of new bicycle paths connecting previously unconnected sections. However, after consultation with officials, it turned out that it should be changed due to the existing plans of the Warsaw offices and technical obstacles. At that time, the author decided to prepare projects for the civic budget, including renovation of the existing bicycle paths.


Actions taken by the author of the projects:

  • -he made the first plans to build bicycle paths linking the existing sections;
  • he consulted with officials from the Municipal Roads Administration and the Infrastructure Department for the Bielany district;
  • after the consultations he changed his plans, decided to renovate the existing bicycle paths;
  • in cooperation with the officials he selected the sections of paths to be renovated;
  • calculated their length and the cost of renovating one meter of the path;
  • prepared a cost estimate;
  • filled in the application form for the civic budget;
  • collected the appropriate number of signatures of the residents;
  • during meetings with the residents they talked about their idea, prepared a presentation.



As a result of two projects, in 2018, a 2 m wide section of the bicycle path along ul. Ogólna (ok. 160 m) in Warsaw. Renovation of the second road for bikes along Al. Zjednoczona on the section Kasprowicza-Cegłowska (Warsaw) will be completed in 2019.


Total cost: 96 000 PLN – the section at Ogólna Street and 310 000 PLN the section at Al. Zjednoczonia

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