Pupils of the XXXIX High School of Polish Aviation in Warsaw took the initiative to create a place for meetings and extracurricular learning for themselves and their peers in the Bielany district of Warsaw.

During the district debate, the young participants repeatedly pointed out that in Bielany they lacked a place where they could meet after lessons. During the process of creating the project for the civic budget it also turned out that students need a comfortable space to do their homework and participate in extracurricular activities.

Actions taken by young people:

  • The students searched for suitable space, in accordance with the requirements of the Warsaw participatory budget (the project can only be implemented on the premises belonging to the Warsaw City Hall);
  • They contacted all local libraries and cultural centres;
  • They established cooperation with the headmaster of their school, who agreed to organize a place to study in the school building;
  • They obtained the necessary permits;
  • They determined what is needed to implement the project (e. g. equipment, materials, coordination);
  • They prepared a cost estimate;
  • They consulted with the officials of the Education and Upbringing Department for the Bielany district.
  • They filled in the application form for the participatory budget;
  • They collected the appropriate number of residents’ signatures;
  • During meetings with residents they talked about their idea, prepared a presentation to convince as many residents as possible to vote for their project


As a result of the initiative of young people, the XXXIX High School named after Polish Aviation was renovated and equipped with a room for extracurricular activities. During 2018, twice a week, free additional classes in mathematics and natural sciences and Polish language were conducted in the place of extracurricular learning. They could be attended by interested students from all over the Bielany district. In total, the project authors have planned 304 hours of classes.

Total cost: 59 108 PLN (including, among others costs of purchase of didactic aids and materials for classes, cost of renovation and adaptation of the room, coordinator’s remuneration, remuneration of lecturers, promotion, media fee)


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