Action to create a glare and spot for road safety.

The Chairman of the Town Council of Modliborzyce together with the Youth Council of the first term of office dealt with the topic of road safety in the municipality. The adolescent councillors carried out a diagnosis among their peers, and on the basis of this diagnosis they took action, among others They created a film spot and a series of reflections, which they distributed to children and youth from the Modliborzyce area.

The youth councillors from Modliborzyce tried to answer the question: why do young people not wear reflectors even though they have them? In addition, the tragic death of a young boy who was hit by a car while walking on the side of the road and as a result lost his life was a key incentive for road safety measures. Residents, including youth councillors, realized that if the boy was wearing a glare, the car driver would have a chance to see him in advance and prevent the tragedy.

Actions taken by youth councillors:

  • They asked their peers why they don’t wear reflectors. ( The most common answer was that the reflections are not nice and unfashionable).
  • In response to the first diagnosis, the young people announced a competition to design a reflection, following the principle of young people for young people
  • Initially, not a single application was received. The youth councillors were motivated to continue their activities by the youth council’s youth counsellor
  • In the second round, the youth received more than 100 reflective projects. A selection committee was selected and the best projects were selected.
  • Finally, the „pocket” reflectors were prepared
  • The youth councillors were involved in the promotion of wearing reflectors and road safety education.
  • In cooperation with the Municipal Cultural Centre and the Fire Brigade, they have prepared a film spot showing how glare can save lives.
  • The spot was promoted in the national media. Telewizja Polsat aired the film in the main evening events
  • They have prepared the official premiere of the film in the Municipal Cultural Centre. During the event, each child received reflectors funded by the City Hall.


As a result of this project, every young inhabitant of Modliborzyce received a glare designed by young authors. The premiere of the educational spot had a communal coverage, and thanks to the broadcast in the evening edition of the news programme of Polsat television, the spot reached a national coverage.

Importantly, youth councillors are once again observing a decrease in the number of children and young people who regularly wear reflectors. So the action continues. MRG Modliborzyce headed by Mrs. Iwona Mańka promotes the wearing of reflectors through an application by one of the local students. The application reminds you to take a glare with you every time you leave home.

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