Thanks to the participation in the SB YCGN project, the Elbląg Youth Council was reactivated. The Council was set up to articulate the needs of young Elbląg citizens. One of its tasks is to persuade the City Council to take care of the implementation of projects developed during the City Council meetings. It is therefore intended to be a kind of link between generations.

The Youth Council of the City of Elbląg is a new body, a formal organization existing since 30 May 2019. It was established to represent the affairs of young people and the rest of Elbląg residents. Two representatives from each primary and secondary school were elected. At the inaugural session, 41 people were appointed as councillors and the Bureau was elected.

So far, two sessions and ten working meetings have been held. They usually take place every two weeks. We discuss important and current affairs for our city. They are full of new ideas and proposals about what the council can do for the residents, especially for young people. An important element of the efficient operation of the Youth City Council is the good will of the councillors, who should be particularly sensitive to the needs of younger Elbląg citizens – after all, the future of the city depends on them.

The Council cooperates with the Association of Polish municipalities Euroregion Baltic and the Civis Polonus Foundation. It receives support from the city authorities, among others from the Mayors and the City Council. She participated in the projections of SB YCGN, which provided an opportunity for comprehensive development and effective actions. During the roundtable debates many conclusions could be worked out, discussed with experts and presented to decision makers. During the Regional Meetings we exchanged experiences from our activities in various municipalities. During the study visits we learned about good practices from other countries and their everyday reality and the problems they have to deal with. We had two training courses, the first one on the basics of Youth Councils’ activities and the second one on strategy writing.

The SB YCGN project allowed us to broaden our knowledge and gain experience, as well as to gain inspiration, acquire and practice skills such as discussion, English or group work. We also owe it to the reactivation of the Youth Town Council in Elbląg.

As a Council, we represent young people during the celebrations, e. g. December Events, November 11th and the Amazon marches. We also do charity work, for example during the Fair supporting the Noble Parcel, and our councillors in their schools played together with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity to ensure the highest standards in childhood treatment medicine. We cheered on local sportsmen during the EKS Start Elbląg handball game. We took part in various conferences e. g. „Glows and shadows of the Internet”, or „Europolis – cities for the young”.

Our closest goals to improve the situation of young people and the rest of Elbląg residents are:

  • Promotion of our city and the idea of self-government: Co-organizing the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Self-Government in Elbląg in order to make it more attractive for the young and share the achievements of our local community.
  • Providing more opportunities for young people to live and work: creating a Youth Centre which will be a meeting and recreation place for young people. They will be able to spend time together, develop their skills and exchange experiences.
  • Promoting civic attitudes and increasing social participation among young people: carrying out activities related to the Civic Budget, campaigns encouraging us to use the opportunities offered by self-government and participation in the Youth Council.
  • Environmental protection by increasing the number and quality of e. g. of trash in Elbląg.

Creating the most convenient conditions for further development: through active activities, dedicated workshops, festivals, tournaments uniting young people and residents of our city, run by members of our council

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