On 25. 04. 2019, in the conference room of the Iława Cultural Centre, the first local discussion forum in the form of a round table within the SB YCGN project took place, during which we had the opportunity to discuss one of the problems of the Iława youth, namely scholarships (award criteria, form of the scholarship, increasing information about the possibility of receiving it and social grants). We considered these problems in smaller groups, together with representatives of: authorities, NGOs and youth organisations.

The reason why we chose this topic was the fact that we as young people saw shortcomings in the resolution on scholarships, among others award criteria. We wanted not only young people who achieve high scores in science or sport to receive scholarships for this purpose, but also young people who are involved in the social life of the city, such as the youth of the city of Warsaw, for example, in the field of education and sports. volunteering. In the city we have many underestimated young social activists who work in various areas, from youth councils to student councils.


Taking part in the SB YCGN project, we undertook to organize a round table debate in our city in order to get to know the opinion not only of the youth of Iława, but also of the representatives of the authorities of our city, as well as various organizations operating in Iława. The organization of this meeting was not a big challenge due to the good contact of the Iława City Council with the local youth and all youth organizations. We adopted a system of work cafe work consisting of dividing guests into several smaller groups in order to make it easier to work out certain ideas, then each group had its own table with a question/ask to work on. After 5 minutes there was a change and the group moved on to the next table and, just as before, worked out ideas for the question/ask.

The result of our round table was the adoption of a NEW scholarship resolution, based on the ideas we developed.

We succeeded not only because of the presence of young people from different backgrounds, but also thanks to the representatives of authorities and organizations from our city, who listened to our ideas for changes in the resolution and gave us brilliant solutions themselves. Despite the fact that this was a meeting for young people about youth, it is particularly important to invite the city authorities and organisations that can help us in this matter. This has not only made us successful with the resolution, but has also improved our contact with the authorities in particular, which is necessary for us to carry out certain matters

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