In 2018 and 2019, young people of Telšiai district actively participated in the civic-ecological campaign DAROM. „Darom“ (or „Let’s do it World“) is an international organization that unites 113 countries of the world. The campaign DAROM is one of the largest civic events in Lithuania, which not only draws attention to environmental issues in the country and around the world, but also promotes feelings of volunteering, social responsibility and citizenship.

Various youth organizations participated in the Campaign: Students Parliament, 8th Samogitia’s Riflemen Regiment of the Young Riflemen’s Union, Telšiai Scouting organization, Telšiai Catholic organization “Ateitininkai”, school and gymnasium communities, youth representatives of youth NGOs and young members of several political parties.

In 2019, the huge ecological-civic action gathered thousands of participants who collected tons of waste. The organizers of DAROM 2019 in cooperation with Construction and Urban Planning Division of Telšiai municipality (in particular Ms. Kristina Jankauskienė), implemented a pretty attractive media campaign, shared live and written information with residents via various information channels, including the municipality website As a result of this, and results of previous campaigns in other districts, the 2019 campaign managed to be a huge success.

Description of actions taken:

  • The organizers designed a slogan “Clean Lithuania – healthy citizens”;
  • Teachers, parents and youth care givers, created groups and teams;
  • The teams distributed land plots and/or areas to clean;
  • Organizers coordinated a cleaning company to collect bags with garbage at the end of the day;
  • During the campaign various entertainment exercises and competitions were carried out: jogging while collecting garbage, exercising, dancing, photography, non-traditional ecological educational entertainment in the fresh air, meetings with representatives of the municipality;
  • The participants of the DAROM 2019 campaign cleaned the shores of Telšiai district lakes, parks, cemeteries, collected garbage and waste.

Result of actions taken:

  • About 30 tons of waste was collected. One/third was utility trash;
  • About 5000 residents of Telšiai district participated;
  • Public places in Telšiai were cleaned and otherwise handled;
  • The most active participants were identified: schools, kindergartens, public institutions, NGOs, political parties, youth formal and informal groups.

Why was it successful?

  • The participation in the Campaign has formed a positive attitude towards a clean and safe environment;
  • Young people’s attitudes towards the importance of nature conservation has improved;
  • The campaign formed young people’s feelings of social responsibility and citizenship;
  • Young people have acquired practical skills of organizing social campaigns, communicating with municipal administration;
  • Learned to work in partnership with communities;
  • Encouraged spreading of volunteering.

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