In a unique way, the Youth Town Council and the inhabitants of Nowe Miasto Lubawskie showed how to enjoy the freedom and independence that Poland regained after 123 years of captivity.

On the anniversary of Poland’s regaining of independence, i. e. November 11th, 1918 – on the initiative of the Youth Town Council on the New Town Square of Lubawa at 11. 00 a. m. , children and youth of New Town schools, teachers and employees of New Town offices and institutions as well as residents participate in a joint white-and-red photo from the bird’s eye view (holding white and red cards over their heads).

The Youth City Council, in order to organize the „Living Flag” on the National Independence Day, carries out a promotional campaign among the residents by distributing information leaflets with an invitation to the event on the New Town Market Square.

The participation of residents in the common photo is a form of integration of the local community and paying homage to generations of Poles who gave their lives in the name of independence.

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