The case of Hässleholm

Monitoring Visit in Sweden 2-4.10.2019 r.

Hässleholms kommun – EU kontor Skåne Nordost

The Municipality of Hässleholm has been actively working to build up a base profile with a focus on Europe and the EU. In recent years, the municipality has established a number of services designed to strengthen the knowledge of the EU and the availability of the EU funds for the public as well as other sectors. The Municipality has established the internal position of the EU coordinator and the EU-office Skåne Nordost. The office’s main tasks are to facilitate project development and to implement international/EU projects in the nine participating municipalities, thus stimulating their international cooperation and development. EU Skåne Nordost has long-term experience in project management of several EU funded projects, mostly those of the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund.

description of activities

First Round Table discussion, 19th of November 2019

The topic of the meeting of young people with city decision-makers was the possibility of increasing the impact of young people on public life. It was discussed exactly what topics and issues the young would like and be able to express their opinions on.

Second Round Table discussion, 15th of January 2020

Agenda for local meeting with youngsters

  • What do you think of young people´s possibilities to influence in the municipality?
  • What do you want to have a say in?
  • Would you like to attend a workshop where we discuss future projects in the municipality?

Conclusions and recommendations:

  • The youngsters said that they often feel like there’s no point in trying to influence because “the politicians” don´t listen.
  • They also said that they would like to have a say in things that involve youth activities. They thought it would be interesting to have an influence on the building of the new youth centre, for example.
  • They wanted to be listened to regarding what kind of activities there should be in the youth centre, etc. They also wanted to attend workshops like this, when they feel listened to.

We were planning a workshop regarding the period from now until the opening of the youth centre. We hoped to be able to start up some kind of project or activities for young people during the next 2-3 years. This is how long it´s been calculated for the youth centre to be built. We thought this would be a good opportunity to involve youngsters.

As a result of the project, young people will be involved in the development of the concept of work and creation at the Hassleholm Youth Center. It was agreed that there would be workshops where policymakers and young people would discuss the shape of the future youth centre.

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